"Carschooling" by Diane Flynn Keith

Carschooling is about turning travel time in to learning time. If you are a mom that feels like they spend half of the day in the car with your children, this is a must have for you. I am a homeschool mom and my son is diagnosed with autism and unfortunately due to the fact we live out in the boon docks we have to ride one hour (one way) to go to therapy twice a week. I am not even going to mention the regular travel we have to do but you get the idea. I feel like I waste alot of valuable time that I could be spending schooling my kids. Diane Flynn Keith was gracious enough to send me her book to try out. The day I got it I sat down and read through it and decided the activities that would work for my kids (and believe me there are plenty). It includes Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences, Geography, Visual and Performing Arts, Foreign Languages, and Physical Education and Health. I have not had a chance to try alot of the activities yet but so far all have been successful.
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