Disney's Brave on DVD

Disney Pixar has done it again, I was able to sit down and watch the movie Brave the other day and was so happy this movie was a hit.

The setting of the movie is in Scotland. It is about a free-spirited teenager named Merida who in my opinion is a want to be tom boy. After told she is to marry one of her father's allied clans first born sons she cuts the family tapestry in anger, runs off into the woods and encounters will-o-the-wisp. They guide her through the woods to a witch who after some bargaining, agrees to give Merida a spell to change her mother; in the form of a cake.

Merida returns to the castle and gives her mother the cake which does not work as she thought. In a panic Merida and her Mom have to find the witch, solve the riddle all within the deadline in order to change her mother back.

I thought this movie had a great lesson about swallow your pride and listening to others. It is truly a great family movie.

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