Wreck-It Ralph Review

Wreck It Ralph opened in theaters this weekend and my family was lucky enough to get to go see it.

Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) stars as a arcade character name Wreck-It Ralph (or Ralph for short).
Ralph is the "bad guy" and does the same thing over and over again. He tries to destroy an apartment building in the game, only to have his efforts fixed by Fix-It Jr. (voiced by Jack McBrayer). At the end of the day Ralph goes to the junk yard just outside of the apartment building while Fix-It Jr. gets rewards for his hard work and efforts by the residents of the building. They are always celebrating him, but leave Ralph out in the cold – literally.

Ralph doesn’t want to be a bad guy anymore. He wants to be a hero so people will adore him just like they do Fix-It Jr. Ralph decides to take matters into his own hands. So he does something that arcade characters look down upon – he left his game to join another arcade game – Hero’s Duty. Ralph feels if he can get a metal there and take it back to the Fix-It Jr. game the game residents will treat him the same way they treat Fix-It Jr.

Instead of "Hero's Duty" he ends up in another video game called "Sugar Rush" where he meets a little girl named Vanellope van Schweetz, who also has the problem of feeling acceptance. She gets shunned by the residents of her game too because she is what they call a "glitch". If the people outside the video game find out it has a glitch they will pull the plug and everyone perish. Her plan to participate and win the Sugar Rush Race and prove herself could be compromised by King Candy.

I really enjoyed this movie, I thought it was fun and exciting plus it had a great message. This movie will be entertaining to both kids and adults. You will like seeing all the characters from the old arcade games like Pac-Man and Frogger.

More Information go the Disney.com/Wreck-It Ralph Facebook Page or Wreck-It Ralph Facebook Page.

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Dan O. said...

Good review Lacey. This flick is a whole lot of fun and even if it is mostly based on nostalgia, well then it's still good nostalgia none the less.