Nate the Elf on the Shelf Adventure's 2012

It is that time of year again when our Christmas Elf returns to life. This is our second year with our Elf On The Shelf, Nate. The kids are already asking when he comes back. I wanted to post a story about all the trouble our elf gets into every night. It is so fun finding Nate the Elf in morning and seeing what he has gotten into.

Nate's first night back and he is already getting into stuff. Here is what we found this morning.
He was putting labels on our bottle waters that said Melted Snowman, he is such a joker. I can't wait till see what happens this month.

Melted Snowman

After our first night we have already had a crisis. My youngest son decided he wanted to pick Nate up and if you have a Elf you know you can't touch him or he loses his magic. Luckily Santa knows everything and was really quick to deliver a letter and some Magic Dust that should put Nate back to work tonight. 
I plan on posted each day with all of Nate's great adventures so be sure to check back.
A little mischievous Elf

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