Teach With Cartoons- Complete Science Curriculum Gr. 6-8 Review

Science is one of the hardest subjects to teach when you homeschool in my opinion unless you are some type of science major. When trying to remember all the huge science words like xenon, zymurgy and cryogenics I have a hard time so how am I going to teach this to my child. Then if you child is not thrilled about trying to read all them huge words you run into difficult school days. Then of course like most homeschool moms I have about 20 different things to do during the day and sitting down to "plan" a lesson is difficult to say to least.

I think I have found a solution to both of these problems, its Teach With Cartoons- Science Made Easy from Natural Learning Concepts Inc. A product that learn all the necessary skills while having fun. It uses comic strip type material instead of regular text and picture. Each chapter is written in a comic with four (cool and funny) main characters and a science teacher that introduces and teaches about a subject. It is going to catch your child's interest and keep it.
I purchased this curriculum because my youngest son has autism and is a visual learner and my oldest is very into comics. My oldest son started the program this year and enjoys finding out what Dan is going to get into each week. I have been totally impressed with the content so far, it has kept up with our science curriculum goals and seems to cover the material thoroughly.
Best of all it takes little to no planning for the teacher. (that's gets a A in my book for sure)

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The best thing about this curriculum is you get 3 years worth of science curriculum so you don't have to buy something new each year. It also comes with a FREE subscription to Worksheets and Quizzes for each chapter. I do have to admit that navigating through the worksheets and quizzes was kinda confusing at first. I had a hard time getting on the online quiz but with the great customer service we were able to figure it out quickly. I have found that some of the worksheets do not have answers (or at least I could not find them), I have to have answers since I do not have time to go and look up the answers. I have understood that there is a plan for other online activities that will go with the Science Made Easy program which I think will be great. 

  • Introduction to Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Meteorology
  • Environmental Science
If you think this curriculum is right for your child you can download a free trial in which you would have full access to everything or if you are convinced this is a wonderful program you can order yours HERE.
I am confident that you and your child will enjoy this program as much as I do. 

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