Teachers Appreciation Week - FREE AppTutor Math Apps Grades K-5

If you homeschool your kids, grab a cup sit back of coffee and relax. These apps are jam packed with content and will do your job for you. Check out the topics covered by grade:

K - counting up, addition, using objects, ways to make numbers, word problems
1st - addition, strategies, hundred chart, regrouping, word problems
2ndA - addition strategies, picture addition, word problems, input/output table, long addition
2ndM - terms & symbols, skip counting, repeated addition, arrays, properties & pictures, multiplication table
3rd - terms & repeated addition, arrays, patterns, unknown numbers, word problems
4th - terms & patterns, particular products, word problems, long multiplication, word problems & variables
5th - order of operation & expressions, functions, properties & strategies, long multiplication, decimals

There's also printable worksheets for teachers that don't have classroom sets of iPads, and kids can print diploma-like certificates once they complete topics.

From ITunes:

Welcome to AppTutor Grade 2 Addition. Not just another quiz or worksheet app, this 2nd Grade learning tool TEACHES the Common Core State Standards skills required for your child to excel in 2nd Grade Addition! Three distinct teaching modes encourage comprehensive conceptual understanding of required Common Core Grade 2 skills in a fun and easy to understand style.

App includes:
✔ Five skill-based animated Learn Lesson videos which utilize both visual and auditory learning styles to reinforce comprehension. Specific Grade 2 Addition Common Core skills are introduced in each of these lessons:
• Addition Strategies • Picture Addition • Word Problems • Input/Output Table • Long Addition

✔ Five fun, interactive Try Modules to practice & reinforce Common Core skills presented in the Learn Lessons utilizing a kinesthetic learning style:
• Function Factory utilizing random Input + Rule = Output equations • Long Addition random equation training module • Word Problem interactive step-by-step training module • Over 100 Flash Cards with answers • AppTutor Quick Challenge timed recollection tool ✔ 2nd Grade Addition Test Section verifies conceptual understanding of every Common Core skill addressed.

Be sure to get this while its Free, it will not last long.

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