The Ultimate Grip Uglee Pen by Dr James Lee Review

I was lucky enough to win a set of 3 Uglee Pens in a giveaway. I had never even seen these pens in a store so I was super excited to get these. I do wish I had been able to get more than one color, I was only sent grey with blue ink.

My husband has a serious pen addiction. He collects all kind of pens and doesn't even use them. He just collects them and puts them in a bucket. I knew he would be the one to give a review of these pens.

 My husband main complaint about the Uglee Pen was the rubber on the outside. Since he uses pens at work most of the time he needs to be able to put the pen in his shirt pocket. The rubber on the pen caused it not to slide into his pocket easily. The grip was a little "sticky" also.
Writing was smooth and complete. It was very comfortable in your hand. Very Light Weight. Overall these are really great pens. If you have carpel tunnels or arthritis I think you would really be happy with this pen design.

If you want to read more about or to order the Uglee Pens check out the website. They are available in 7 colors and 3 different color inks.

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