Visual Attention TherAppy App by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. Review

Information from Tactus Therapy Ltd. Website about Visual  Attention TherAppy App

The Basics:

Platforms: iPad only
Goal Areas: Visual Scanning, Reading, Visual Attention, Sustained Attention, Memory
Helps: Left Neglect, Hemianopsia, Unilateral Inattention, Right Neglect, Dyslexia, Slow Readers, Brain Injury, Stroke, Pre-reading students
Languages: English
Version: 1.0
Price: $9.99 (Free trial)


  • 2 modes:
    • Test Mode
    • Practice (left signal, no signal, and right signal)
  • 10 different activities for finding targets of increasing difficulty consisting of combinations of letter and symbols of varying similarity
  • Search for 1 target or 2 targets at a time to adjust memory demands
  • Results offered in e-mail format for data tracking and progress notes
  • Customize the size and number of stimuli with 12 preset options
  • For Left/Right training, select red, yellow, or flashing to draw attention to the neglected side of space
  • Perfect for SLPs, OTs, Reading Specialists, and Special Education Teachers for use in clinics, hospitals, classrooms, and home
  • Once the settings are determined, easy to use for home practice with family or independently


I tried this app with my youngest son who is 8. We did the Practice Mode and found it sort of addicting. After he done it one time he was determined to get a better score each time. It took him a few times to figure out you had to go Left to Right but that took only a few minutes.

I have read about visual therapy and how is helpful and why. This is what I have found.

The vision skills we need to understand, analyze, and interpret what we see are called visual perception.

Visual Discrimination lets us see differences between objects that are similar. 
Visual Memory is another important perceptual skill.
Good tracking skills allow us to follow a line of print without losing our place.

I think these skills can be very useful for both kids and adults and Tactus Therapy has created a way to enhance these skills in a fun and productive way. 

Visual Attention TherAppy Lite
Visual Attention TherAppy LiteTry it out with Visual Attention TherAppy Lite! The free trial of this professional therapy app allows you access to 1 level in both Test and Practice modes for 1 or 2 targets. Try out the various attention-grabbing signals and e-mail results! Download for FREE!

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