GOT Milk and Bread??

This has been a busy winter for snow and this coming week is not different. Ever since I was a little girl when the weatherman even said the word snow everyone would rush out to the store to get milk and bread. I personally do not do this, dont we need other things to live. I have never figured out WHY everyone buys milk if you are stuck up in the house for a few days you may what something better th9:an milk to drink plus if the power goes out then you have to make sure you keep it cold so it doesnt spoil.

I get the bread thing since you may not be able to cook you may want some sandwiches. I usually have enough bread for a few days and dont need to go buy extra. Maybe everyone likes to eat French Toast when it snows (:

The other day I went out to the store to pick up somethings not thinking we had just had a "SNOW SCARE" and there was NO milk and NO bread.

Maybe some of you can give me some insight on why this is a tradition.

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