Ready Set Remodel

It has been a busy weekend at our house. We finally started our project of remodeling our bathroom and putting down laminate floors in all 3 bedrooms.

Our bathroom still had the wallpaper and stuff that came in the house when we bought it so it was all overdue. The wallpaper that we had was white with big purple and blue flowers on it so after looking at it for over 13 years it is time for a change.

The carpet is also overdue, it is a light grey almost white so I usually had to have it cleaned every year and I have to admit it has stayed in very good condition over the years. We had the carpet in the dining room and living room changed out to laminate floors a while ago so the only carpet left in the house is the bedrooms and I am ready to see that go.

This is picture of our bathroom while remodeling. We had put the white primer and taped around things (which I do not recommend, it ended up pulling paint off).

TADA!!! Here is our new bathroom. It is so nice to finish a big job with such big change. Now its time for the floor, which will be in a few weeks.

Tiger decides to try out the new toilet.

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