Is there help out there???

The start of the new year as brought some unwanted changes in our home. Daddy's job changed due to the company decided to hire outside for his position, which caused him to basically have to change the company he works for or lose his job. The new company isnt really bad but he already had 11 years in AND he had a good retirement plan (and other benefits). If you do not already know my youngest (I call Pooky) was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 and we have to take him to OT and Speech Therapy every week. Our old benefits allowed for 60 visits per year but now we are only allowed 50 visits per year. If you know about autism you know this is not nearly enough. I can not figure how an insurance company can limit your treatment as long as a doctor refers you and you pay your premiums. I know there have been laws in the making to help make sure insurance company do not limit treatments for certain disorders but they seem to be at a stand still (my son will be grown before they get past).

So now we are left with a decision on whether to pay for therapy out of pocket or just take what we can get and do some extra at home. We are already a homeschool family so I guess we will have to be a hometherapy family too.

I just wish the new year could have brought GOOD news instead and I wish there was help out there for those of us trying our best to provide.

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