You really dont hear that much about homeschooling on the news or in the movies (unless its bad) so for there to be movies out about homeschooling amazes me. My family has been homeschooling for almost three years and I would not have it any other way. I will admit that I did not start homeschooling because I just wanted to. I actually thought once the kids went to school then I could get a part time job and start working again. Well that just wasnt in the cards for me.
Some families homeschool because of religious reason others because of a problem with the school system (mine was the latter). After I started homeschooling my youngest was diagnosed with Autism so then I knew why I was led down that path because there is no way in this world I would ever put my youngest in public school. Do not get me wrong I have no problem with public schools for other families but it is just not what I want for mine (I wish other people would feel that way about homeschooling).
While surfing the web I ran across two movies about homeschooling and wanted share it with my readers.

The second one was HOMESCHOOLED? the movie

I think homeschooling is a parents right just as its a parents right to decide everything their child does until they are adults. What does it say about a country that TELLS us how to raise your children. In my opionion the government has manage to screw up alot of things and my children are not going to be one of them.
It is my responsiblity to keep my child safe and everyday I hear about something happening in schools, whether its bullying, kids bring guns to school, kids getting abused or left on school buses. If you have a special needs child, one that can not tell you what happened today, you think differently about leaving your child with others. Cause lets be honest, how well DO you know the people you leave your child with? Its not about me being a over protective mom either, until things are different in schools or my children are older this is what I choose to do. I am not anti-public school, I am just pro-homeschool.

This post is my opinion and is not intended to try to replace your ideas with my own.

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Laurie Harrison said...

I had a friend when I lived in Nevada who home schooled her 5 kids. They were smart as whips too. (and she worked for me as my assistant manager full time) I just do not know how she managed. Good post!