What is wrong with this Story?

I recently read a story on the local news website about a little boy who attends public school and his parents were forced to homeschool him due to the fact they were not allowed to walk him to his classroom.

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The boy was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and also ADHD. He developed severe separation anxiety when getting dropped off at school so the teacher suggested the parents walk him to class to help him make the transition. It was then approved by the principle. After a month his anxiety improved and all was well UNTIL some of the parents complained.

The principle then told the little boy's parents that they were no longer allowed to walk their son to class due to school security issues. The parents abtained a letter from the boy's doctor and presented it to the principle, who still refused to change the decision.

The parents decided to pull the boy out of school and homeschool him. (GOOD FOR YOU)

First of all, SHAME on the parents that complained. Why is this YOUR business? Was this hurting you or your child? I can not think of any reason why someone would see a problem with a parent walking their special need child to class. I understand the security issues but their are ways around this, even if the parents of the little boy needed to check in at the office every morning, it should be a middle ground.

Second, what about this childs rights? If walking to class alone was a health or safety issue for this child it is the schools responsiblity to accomodate him. If they do not want the parent in the school then they need to have a teacher or aid at the car to meet him. If the parent was unwilling to help they would complain about lack of parent participation.

All children are not the same, some need help in one area while others need it in others. It is his right to be safe and healthy at school.

This story is a prime example of the reason I homeschool my children. You not only have to deal with school systems that totally do not understand autism as a disorder but the other parents can be worse. I have had my own experience with people that are selfish and lack compassion, understanding, or patience. I feel like sometimes people do not put themselves in others shoes to understand why things are as they are. I promise I would not wish my child to have a disorder but that is what it is and I do the best I can and sometimes YES we have to have different (or special) treatment. The same would be for someone that had a disorder such as a wheelchair. Would you make someone with this problem wheel their self or would you help by pushing them? I know there are people out there that will disagree with me and you are allowed your opinion but if you do I can almost bet you do not have or know someone with a child or family member with special needs.
I dont know what this world is coming to when grown people can't look at this situation and see that there is something really wrong with our society.

My point is people do not think of others anymore and I truly believe in KARMA.

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Jessica Van Vleet said...

That is so sad. I am sure if the child had any physical disorder that could be seen, no one would have said a word. Of they can't see it, it can't be that bad, can it? You are totally correct. If it was a kid in a wheelchair no one would make him do it himself. Very sad. Good for them for homeschooling!